Monday, August 29, 2011

Evaluating Decisions and the Long Term Perspective

 In this sentence 3 words are important to look at sustainability in your company's and organisations.
let us start with the last one :

-Long Term:

Sustainability, and this in the meaning of social value , economical value , respect for environment, human respect, continuous improvement can only be achieved if you look beyond the shortterm results.Short term thinking will solve only the symptomes , but not go to the real rootcauses.

- Decisions:

Thinking is good , reflecting and step back are good to see the whole picture , but beside that the intention has to be there to DO things ...take action ...take charge!!Therefore you have to decide to do something and not to be afraid of failure:failure and experiencs are good way's to learn!

- Evaluating:

See your organisation as a living system and don't look seperately to the parts , but look at the interrelationsships between the parts.Try to see the patterns of behavior beyond the events.

The following article give you a very good storyabout the above.

Evaluating Decisions and the Long Term Perspective

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