Thursday, February 2, 2012

Improved Learning Model

We know that our mental models or models of how we see the world , are formed by our values, convictions, life experiences and that they influence greatly our learning capabilitie's.
Our learning is still driven by our lineair thinking:
We just look at our personal results, like to be teached or trained by experts, don't share our knowledge, want to have control of our own competencie's, think that the sum of competencies of individuals will give the competencie of the team.....
In my career, and listening to others I know that in our complex world we live in today ,and in the future ,it is not the case .

How we have to go to a "new learning style"?

1. Systems thinking:

It start in our minds and we have to  realize that our world is systemic and that there is a causal relationship in all elements of the chosen system . We have to see , that the reality of events are driven by systems that are composed of elements (subsystems) in interdependence of each other and that the whole will give a emergent property that will be different as the sum of property's of his elements.
So will also the new learning system consist of interdependent elements which will form a reinforcement loop:
- Systems thinking skills
- Adapting mental models
- Communication
- Learning from others
- Personal development skills

2. Adapting mental models

All starts in our brains: by selecting elements of the environment we form our mental models.By seeing the whole instead of his elements, we can ask our self reflecting questions where the answers can open or reshape our mental models and seeing the reality more objective.


It's very important to communicate , what we have learned  and share it with others.We have to learn as a team and to give as much possible feedback. What we have received as answer to our communication will again be filterd and change our mental model .

4. Learning inspired by others

It is important to remember that no one solution is unique. Learning from others is asking for taken a step back and free your ego . It give elements to refine your approach in new elements to enrich or change the mental model.

5. Development skills

By this type of learning you will improve your personal mastery, so can start to see the patterns in behavior which will explain the event , situation of problem. those generic patterns are called in systemsthinking  archetypes, that are used to solve mny types of problems, and also interesting to use as a communication tool with others.

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