Friday, December 28, 2012

Different perspectives

One of the cornerstones of a learning organisation is that the members of this organisation has a shared vision on the purpose of the organisation.
But are you sure that everybody understand the purpose in the same way?
The first step is to see the organisation as a dynamic open system, where are elements has to see the systems in different perspectives, in order to see what the real purpose is :be curious what the work of others is, what there mental models are, learn on what you didn't see, be reflective, change the structure and evaluate!
A example in the difference of perspective:


B         W      C

-What is A,B,C,D seeing?
-What is where for all?

In this example A, B, C ,D are a group and not a system.To have a shared vision on the inner letter, A,B,C,D should be connected together by feedback loops in order to create a dialogue and learn from each other.
Be open-minded: by seeing things differently , you think differently!

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