Monday, November 28, 2011

Finding the right place ..... in managing complexity

Last week, I've given a free workshop on "Managing Complexity".
Complexity will need another thinking process:
"When we stop controlling complexity through a well-meaning overdose of management and administration and when we start distributing complexity through the system, then we are also distributing power and responsibility, which ultimately is about democratizing our future."(Josephine Green)

Instead of controlling everything, we have to be comfortable to let things happening:this can be done by systemsthinking.

All participants were very in agreement with what was said , but there was a a general question , where they didn't know a answer on :
How can we install systemsthinking in company's and persue them , that it will be a necessary competency for the future!!

After some brainstorming, the general conclusion was that resistance against change is the biggest stumbleblock.
One problem many organizations run into as they implement a change ( here change in thinking)is :
the right people with influence are not reached !!  

Mostly change plans are decided by uppermanagement, communicate in cascade to everybody , but the implementation is not well done :middle management has to develop the plans and the change processes are going throught the different management levels .
The process is not fluent , have a lot of bottlenecks and are more a push process than a pull .

The change process can be beneficial by taking a systemic approach:

- Define well the purpose of the change
- Construct a dynamic human system which have a shared vision and values of openness, teamworking in order to be succesfull in achieving the goal
- Start with a small system( network of people), able to be integrated in a bigger system( whole organization)
- The elements of the system =people should have the following roles, and not be necessary hierachical:
       a. Having a substantial impact on the business results
       b. Having a good connection with a large number of subgroups in the organization
       c. Having an influence on how people are doing their daily work
       d. Having credibility
-  Giving the team the tools and coach them in the right mindset , so they will be able to connect with other elements of the subsystem(organisation)and bigger system to create more and more reinforcement loops.
- Connection will be done by story's adapted to the situation .

Using leverage points through people , who has the same mindsets , eager to learn , with a shared vision , open mindset and believing in the change are powerfull means to succeed in complex change programs.

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